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Our Policies

Read The Details of Events: 

  • Many questions can be answered simply by reading the details of the events you wish to attend.  Much time and consideration are put into creating the events and ensuring you have all the necessary information you require.  If you have any questions after reading all the details please DM the host of the event.  

Be Punctual:

  • Arrive on time to the event.  In order to be respectful to people’s schedules and commitments, we leave at the time posted in the event.  If you arrive late and we have left, you will be marked as a “no show”. 

Cancelling Attendance:

  • If you need to cancel attendance to an event for any reason, comments in the event are not necessary.  Please remove your name from the “going” list by editing your RSVP status. If you do not show to events this will be noted.  Anyone that has consistent “no-shows” will be removed from the group.  A "no-show" is considered a cancellation with less than 48 hours notice prior to the start time of the event. ​​


Last Minute Cancellations:

  • Do not cancel attending an event at the last minute.  We understand that occasionally unforeseen circumstances can prevent you from attending.  Please direct message your host in these cases. Outside of “emergencies” cancelling at the last minute prevents others from attending.  Please be respectful to other members who are on the waiting list. Cancelling at the last minute does not allow them time to plan and prepare.  Last minute cancellations will also be marked as "no-shows"


Waiting Lists:  

  • You may find yourself on a waiting list.  For some hikes the difficulty level will be higher than others and priority will be given to those members who have shown up regularly, can keep the pace, come prepared and have proven they are able to handle the difficulty level. 

  • Waiting lists may be created for other events as we may be limited to space due to the venue. In these cases OPEN spaces will be available for the maximum number of participants the venue can handle.  Waiting lists will be automatically created for every RSVP over this limit. If/when someone drops out of the event, Meetup adds members from the waitlist automatically in the order they joined the list. 

  • Waiting lists are also created for pre-paid events.  Once you transfer the funds to cover the cost you will be moved to the going list. Be sure to add your Meetup name and the event you wish to attend in your e-transfer.  

Respect for All:  

  • Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.  We encompass an atmosphere of mutual respect for all members.  Members who violate this policy will be removed from the group. 

  • While members may meet and begin to develop personal relationships, we are not a dating site.  Please ensure that you obtain permission from members directly and in-person when requesting personal contact information.  Do not private message members in Meetup to request exchanging of phone numbers. 



  • MRACX is not liable for any injuries you may sustain during an event.  We take precautionary measures on events and it is up to you to follow our advice and direction. Please refer to our Participant Waiver for more details. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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