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About Us

MRACX is a fitness and social club centred in Toronto & GTA but we've recently expanded to include the area east of Toronto from Pickering to Ottawa.   We are your outdoor alternative to the gym.  Our goal is to promote fitness, health and wellness, and to build personal and community relationships and make working out fun!

Our events are accessible to everyone at any fitness level.  The social nature of our activities makes staying in shape easy and connects you with a fitness community.  

Our events offer members a chance to escape the gym and get outside with other like-minded fitness and health conscious people.

MRACX is committed to providing our members with an exercise routine several days a week. We believe that staying in shape should be fun and easy! We love the outdoors and centre our fitness around enjoying natural spaces around us.  We also believe that when you have a support group around you it helps you stay motivated and when you're having so much fun, it will never feel like you're working out.  

MRACX Hiking offers walking/hiking activities across Toronto that utilize ravines, trails and park systems. We also offer out of town hikes like Bruce Trail (and more) so we can escape the city sometimes and try something new.  


MRACX MultiSport options offer members a chance to build agility and sports skills through activities that expand their fitness experience. The range of sports is extensive and is always changing with the seasons and interests of the group! 


MRACX Social allows people to experience a relaxed setting around fun things to do and gives you a chance to get to know the people you've been working out with!

Some of the things you'll see in our event line-up: 

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced hikes through Toronto’s park and ravine system

  • Bruce Trail hikes and other Out-Of-Town hikes that bring us close to nature

  • Nordic Pole clinics

  • Yoga classes 

  • Summer sports such as soccer, ultimate frisbee, basketball, softball, volleyball cricket and more! Open to all experience levels 

  • Water sports such as kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and canoeing for all levels of experience and skill 

  • Bootcamps that focus on strengthening, toning and agility training

  • Camping weekends

  • Backpacking trips

  • Winter sports that include skating, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and downhill skiing - open to all experience levels

  • Social events such as beach parties, foodie events, board game cafes, picnics in the park, karaoke nights, brewery tours, scavenger hunts, orienteering team challenges, etc.

  • Photography walks

  • Games to bring out your inner child like dodgeball, capture the flag, 3 legged, potato sack and wheelbarrow races...

  • Weekend Wellness Retreats

We're always open to suggestions, too!  If there is something you'd like to do and don't see it in our events, please let us know! 

Beach Meditation
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Acai Bowl
Outdoor Dinner Party
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