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Backpacking in the mountains

Backpacking vs Hiking

What's the difference between backpacking and hiking?  In backpacking you carry all your gear on your back and travel by foot into the woods over a few days.  You camp in tents, cook over a fire or small stove, filter your naturally sourced water and are exposed to Mother Nature's elements, no matter what they are.  There also aren't any facilities to offer the comforts you're accustomed to and say goodbye to your cell reception.  It is a chance to escape the city, unplug and get really up close and personal with nature! 

Friends Camping

Beginner & Experienced Trips

Don't worry if you're new to backpacking. It sounds much more daunting that it actually is!  


MRACX offers two trips a year: 

  • BEGINNER'S TRIP;  a chance to wet your feet without too much of an investment in equipment and with an experienced guide to show you the ropes along the way. 

  • EXPERIENCED TRIP;  for seasoned backpackers that offers more challenging excursions and the escape they crave with like minded people.  

A zoom meeting is always scheduled prior to upcoming trips to offer an opportunity to review everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have.  The Backpacking Basics Guide is the PDF of a slide show outlining what backpacking trips entail.  This slide show is reviewed in greater detail in the zoom call and specifics about the upcoming trip location and what to expect are also added.  


All backpackers, regardless of level, are encouraged to attend the zoom meeting if you are interested in joining the trips.  


All our trips are listed in our calendar of events.  

You can always contact us if you have any questions.  

On the Trail

Backpacking Basics Guide

Backpacking Food Ideas 

Equipment Checklist 

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