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MRACX offers members a variety of weekly fitness, social, and community initiative events. Our intent is to provide members with a viable alternative to the gym.  Our events make working out fun!


MRACX goals focus on: cardio, physical and mental health, self-improvement, and teamwork. 

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Walking / Hiking

Our events are accessible to everyone. 


We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced hikes so everyone has an opportunity to work at their own level and pace. Preparation is key! Proper footwear, clothing, water… Please read all event details before attending. 


With MRACX different levels of hikes you can build your speed, stamina and endurance your way.  Pace and terrain are altered to adjust the difficulty level. The pace ranges from 4.5 - 6.5 km/hour with distances of 10 - 50 km. Pace, terrain and distance details are shown in each event listing so you can easily choose the right event for you.


If you are a new member we recommend that you start with a shorter, flatter hike.  You may be used to walking 10 km, but factoring in a fast pace, hillside ups and downs, and longer distances, can make it much more challenging.  Please refer to the colour chart for the level of difficulty. 

If you aren't sure how fast you are download a free pace calculator like Under Armour Map My Walk or AllTrails. 

Walking / Hiking

Nordic Poling

Nordic Pole Clinics and hikes will increase your fitness level. 


The benefits of Nordic Poles are numerous.  Proper technique is the key to unlocking all of these benefits.


Our clinics are informative and provide solid instruction on how to get the maximum benefits from using poles.  

After the clinic you'll have a chance to practice your technique with a short hike.

Eventually, you can extend to our longer Nordic Pole hikes as you build your form and increase your stamina.  


Easily get toned, improve your posture, take pressure off your joints and burn more calories by just adding poles to your regular walking/hiking routine. 

Nordic Poling


Variety is the spice of life!


For the beginner to the advanced athlete, if you are looking for something more, MRACX MultiSport is where you'll find it.


Kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, cycling, volleyball, soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee, cricket, skating, sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, bootcamps and so much more.  The list is endless!


These outdoor activities offer a fun and different way to build your fitness level and connect with other members.  

Happy Soccer Players


Friends at Outdoor Event

The more social events the better!


From monthly food/dining experiences, arts & culture outings, holiday celebrations, to uniquely created MRACX signature events, we look forward to having you come out.


These events are a chance to relax and recognize your hard work while getting to know others and build your connections and community. 



Calm your mind and connect to your breath.


Yoga strengthens and stretches your body to prepare you for all the other activities MRACX has to offer. 


Yoga is proven to destress, improve balance and flexibility, increase heart health, increase energy, improve sleep quality, and decrease aches and pains.  It's the perfect way to round out your fitness routine, 


Outdoor Yoga Meditation


Strengthen Your Team!


We'll get your team outdoors, working together and having fun! 

Taking the time to enjoy each others company, learn about each other's strengths and from each other will build your team's cohesiveness, understanding and compassion. We're here to help make your team more productive through building relationships. 

Corporate Teams 

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